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FINCAD is a dynamic and growing company, and we are always looking for the right people to join our highly motivated team. We're an industry leader in one of the most interesting areas of finance and we continue to be rated one of the best companies to work for.

Over the course of two decades, FINCAD has built a dynamic team that strives for excellence and innovation. Joining FINCAD means working for a company that values its staff and believes in creating a positive work environment. As a member of the FINCAD team, you can expect:

A results-oriented and performance-based culture:  FINCAD is ideal for people who relish being engaged in challenging work and achieving ambitious goals.

Opportunities to learn and grow: At FINCAD you’ll always be learning, in part because our industry is constantly evolving.  In addition, through individual Professional Development Plans, FINCAD invests in the professional growth of each team member in the way that matters most to the individual—be it certifications, conferences, training programs or time to study a specific subject.

A collaborative team environment: At FINCAD we work as a team.  We solve challenging problems through open communication, in which each individual’s views and opinions are encouraged and valued.

Work-life balance: At FINCAD each of us works hard to meet our goals. In return, with flexibility to work from home and above average time off, everyone is encouraged to achieve an overall work-life balance.

Fun: Through our Ministry of Fun, FINCAD organizes various social activities throughout the year, so we can get to know each other better and enjoy ourselves too.

A caring employer: FINCAD understands that life happens. We support our team members through difficult personal situations.

Competitive compensation: Compensation and benefits at FINCAD are competitive and our programs aim to recognize and reward great performance, individually and as a company. 

Corporate social responsibility: FINCAD and its team members help the communities in which we work, and to the extent possible, the communities where we license our software. These activities are primarily manifested through FINCAD HOPE and the FINCAD Women in Finance Scholarship.

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