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FINCAD Analytics Suite

FINCAD Analytics Suite is a sophisticated, yet easy to use, valuation and risk analytics suite for derivative and fixed-income instruments to get you operational quickly. In addition, FINCAD Analytics Suite includes comprehensive technical documentation of valuation and risk mathematics and the FINCAD Analytics Finder to make browsing and selection of functions simple and intuitive.

The FINCAD Analytics Suite product line contains two products:

  • Desktop valuation and risk modeling in Excel (FINCAD Analytics Suite for Excel®)
  • Valuation and risk analytics application development (FINCAD Analytics Suite for Developers)
FINCAD Analytics Suite for Excel®

FINCAD Analytics Suite for Excel is a desktop deployment of FINCAD Analytics Suite based in the Microsoft Office Excel® environment and comes with a comprehensive suite of vanilla derivative and fixed income coverage.

Learn more about FINCAD Analytics Suite for Excel.

FINCAD Analytics Suite for Developers

FINCAD Analytics Suite for Developers is the valuation and risk analytics library for new software builds or for simply improving existing systems. Technical documentation comes standard to streamline the development and integration process.

Learn more about FINCAD Analytics Suite for Developers.

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