F3 Python Toolkit


FINCAD solutions enable better investment and risk decisions, improve workflow efficiency and reduce operational risk.

Create unlimited custom analytics, applications and reports to drive better decisions.

A comprehensive Python toolkit enables traders, quants, portfolio managers and risk managers to rapidly generate custom analytics, applications and reports to drive better investment and risk decisions. 

Common use cases include:

  • Strategy back-testing
  • Structured product scripting
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Tailored hedging strategies
  • LDI portfolio construction
  • Cash flow matching
  • Custom pre-trade analytics, risk reports and real-time dashboards

The FINCAD F3 Python toolkit includes an F3 Python SDK, F3 Python MicroServices and F3 Python Trade Scripting which enable you to:

Rapidly deliver custom analytics: Leverage Numpy, Scipy, pandas, Plotly and other standard Python libraries with the most up-to-date Python features to create custom analytics, such as portfolio optimizers, which can be integrated into other applications.

Easily create custom applications and reports: Native integration with Jupyter Notebooks and Jupyter Lab, PyCharm, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, enable faster report and application development with familiar tools, without needing to learn a new development environment.  Also included are tools for building rich, interactive UIs without being a developer; and it comes with a complete set of widgets for reporting, selecting books, trades and models, and for handling many types of financial inputs and outputs.

Quickly model and script complex payoffs:Use Python’s concise, highly expressive syntax with F3 analytics and data. Complex modeling and scripting can be abstracted away or dealt with using data-driven approaches

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