Portfolio Valuation and Risk for Multi-Asset Derivatives and Fixed Income

Our flexible, high-performance, and transparent solutions help over 1,000 global organizations enhance investment returns, manage risk, reduce costs, comply with regulations, and provide confidence to investors and shareholders.

A Solution for Every Business Area

Whatever your focus within the organization, F3 offers you powerful tools for valuation and risk –the tools you need to get your job done better and more efficiently.

The F3 next generation valuation and risk solution delivers the flexibility and control needed by the most demanding quantitative teams, the speed and accuracy needed by portfolio managers and traders, the comprehensive reporting and analysis needed by risk managers, and the enterprise-ready, high performance architecture demanded by IT managers. Plus, all teams are aligned with a consistent, enterprise-wide view of modeling, valuation, and risk results.

Learn how F3 can benefit you in your respective role:

To support your firm in putting dynamic trading strategies into action, you, the trader or portfolio manager, need access to sophisticated, multi-asset-class valuation and risk analytics. F3 enables you to rapidly and accurately price any instrument, empowering you to deploy complex strategies that facilitate superior returns.

As a quant, you work to help your firm’s traders and portfolio managers quickly capture profitable trading opportunities. F3 helps you rapidly meet the demands of the front office, giving you ultimate flexibility and control over your models and curves.

As a risk manager, you help your firm comply with rigorous financial regulations and aid in investment decision-making. F3 provides a transparent and integrated risk management solution that consistently aggregates risk, helping you to be proactive about risk management, all while meeting regulatory demands.

Meeting demands for systems that handle large complex portfolios is often time-intensive for IT personnel, requiring substantial coding effort. F3’s enterprise-ready, high performance, distributed architecture is designed to run efficiently and scale with the complexity of your business, minimizing development work and downtime.  

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Portfolio valuation and risk analytics for multi-asset derivatives and fixed income.