Portfolio Valuation and Risk for Multi-Asset Derivatives and Fixed Income

Our flexible, high-performance, and transparent solutions help over 1,000 global organizations enhance investment returns, manage risk, reduce costs, comply with regulations, and provide confidence to investors and shareholders.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

FINCAD gives sophisticated investment firms a competitive advantage by solving their complex valuation and risk challenges. Capture better returns and improve risk management using F3’s advanced analytics for multi-asset derivatives and fixed income portfolios. 

Read more about the specific areas where F3 can help improve your business: 

F3’s fast and accurate pricing and valuation analytics for multi-asset derivative and fixed income portfolios give you an edge in challenging markets.

Make better hedging decisions with F3’s industry-standard suite of sophisticated analytics combined with unrivaled speed and accuracy.

Nearly all financial institutions today must calculate value at risk (VaR) in order to satisfy regulatory requirements. But often firms do not have the sophisticated systems needed to run these complex calculations. F3 provides powerful functionality for VaR calculation and reporting, giving you access to the information you need to meet both business and regulatory requirements. 

F3 helps you rapidly put dynamic trading strategies into action, by giving you ultimate flexibility and control over your models and curves.

F3’s highly flexible curve-building enables you to precisely reflect your market view, and future-proofs your firm against unanticipated changes in market convention.

Market practitioners struggle with meeting greater regulation around hedge accounting. F3 simplifies compliance with these standards by providing comprehensive hedge effectiveness test reports for compliance with IFRS hedge accounting standards, full pass/fail hedge testing transparency, and greater visibility into your hedging portfolio performance.

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Portfolio valuation and risk analytics for multi-asset derivatives and fixed income.