Derivative Solutions

Developer Solutions - Expand Your Derivatives Analytics Library Quickly

FINCAD offers three different solutions that allow you to expand the current coverage in your existing system. You can select an object-oriented, function-based or web service solution.


F3 SDK LogoUse F3 SDK to embed a stateful, object-oriented financial analytics library into your application quickly and easily using a simple API. Highly flexible - create customized date ranges or payoff schedules; create and price complex or structured products. Outputs include the most comprehensive risk reports in the industry, and grid-enabled simulations for rapid scenario analysis.

FINCAD Analytics Suite for Developers

FINCAD Analytics Suite for DevelopersReduce your time to market and adapt quickly to the changing needs of the derivatives market. Embed FINCAD Analytics into your applications using FINCAD Analytics Suite for Developers -- a Software Development Kit that includes code samples for every function in every programming language, and full documentation.

FINCAD Valuation Engine

Well-suited for organizations with limited resources that are looking to accelerate the implementation of a valuation and risk system. The Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) of the FINCAD Valuation Engine makes it very flexible, allowing for extended analytics coverage, market data, improved performance, and fast integration with external systems.

For more information in selecting the right solution for your organization, contact a FINCAD representative for a demonstration.