Derivative Solutions

Insight Solutions Release Highlights

How do Insight Solutions make your job easier? Our web-based product line provides you with an intuitive and cost-effective solution that allows you to take advantage of derivatives valuation and hedge accounting without adding complexity to your daily routine.

Latest enhancements include:

Improved Hedging Functionality*

  • Specify any number of hedged items or hedging instruments: You now have the flexibility to enter into, test, and report on a wide combination of hedge relationships
  • Achieve greater accuracy with the ability to update forecast transaction details as you receive more information closer to maturity, without triggering a de-designation

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Expanded Hedge Coverage*

  • Coverage is now expanded to include a full range of instruments in the following asset classes:
    • Commodity
    • Interest rate
    • Foreign Exchange
    • Money Market
    • Fixed Income
  • The added ability to use any supported commodity instrument as a hedging instrument helps hedge the volatility of commodity prices - essential when commodities are used in your business process

Cash Flow and Liquidity Management*

  • The new Aggregated Cash Flow Report provides visibility into when interest rate payments will be made or received, and when cash receipts or payables are to be made: Never miss a scheduled payment again
  • The Anticipated Payables and Receivables Hedge Report lets you know of any:
    • Natural hedges
    • Cash flows needing hedging
    • Any under or over hedged cash flows
  • The additional insight into your cash position allows you to make more informed decisions and take advantage of investment opportunities.

Credit Value Adjustment (CVA) Capability

  • Calculate the fair value of your trades by including credit risk
  • Simply enter the necessary parameters and the system will calculate CVA automatically along with other valuation and risk outputs

Easier to Use

  • An intuitive process to guide your inputs makes it simple and fast to get your trades and portfolios set up correctly - the first time
  • Use Excel templates to upload your trades
  • Specify the hypothetical or actual derivative to be zero at hedge inception date and reduce unnecessary ineffectiveness*

Audit Log

  • Administrators and auditors need to have confidence that the system is running properly and people are not modifying trades or hedges unnecessarily. With Insight Solutions, you can track all changes made from setup to expiry

Expanded Built-In Market Data

  • JPY, GBP and EONIA OIS Curves
  • Mexican Yield Curves and FX
  • CDOR basis adjusted curve

*Available only in Hedge Accounting Insight

All I have to do is wait for the email notifying me that the calculations have been run and that the report is ready to be downloaded, saving me considerable time.

Marie Marette Accountant,
Cedar Shopping Centers