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If you are using a hedging strategy to minimize your risks, but not utilizing hedge accounting, then changes in the fair value of your derivatives will flow through to your income statement creating unnecessary volatility that can negatively impact your organization’s financials.

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Hedge Accounting Insight enables you to take full advantage of the benefits associated with your derivatives hedging strategy by making it easy to comply with hedge accounting standards such as Topic 815 (FAS 133) and IFRS 9 (IAS 39), as well as fair value regulations such as Topic 820 (FAS 157) and IFRS 7, without the need for complex spreadsheets and manual processes that can lead to financial restatements.

Take advantage of Hedge Accounting without adding complexity to your daily routine. Test for hedge effectiveness and manage risk for your interest rate, foreign exchange and commodity hedges while avoiding income statement volatility.

Reduce time spent generating disclosures:

Hedge Accounting Report

Automate your reporting so internal and external stakeholders can receive the necessary information on your hedging activities without any extra work.

Utilize the built-in hedge documentation to present your auditor with all the necessary support information for your hedges including calculations, methodologies, objectives, risks and more. Use existing templates or customize to produce clear summaries to satisfy your auditor demands, making for a smooth audit process.

Supported Hedge Types:

Foreign Exchange Cashflow Hedge
FX forward used to hedge an anticipated future payment or receivable.

Interest Rate Cashflow Hedge
Floating rate debt or investment being swapped to fixed via an interest rate swap. Hedge Accounting Insight gives users the ability to create their own hypothetical swap or have it be system generated.

Commodity Hedge
A commodity forward contract used to hedge an anticipated future use of the commodity.

Fair Value Hedge
Fixed rate debt or investment being swapped to floating via an interest rate swap.

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With its automated reports and built-in documentation, Hedge Accounting Insight has enabled us to gain a deeper insight into our derivatives and act accordingly, positively impacting our bottom line.

Brian Graham Treasury Manager,
First Calgary Financial Credit Union