Derivative Solutions

FINCAD Analytics Suite for Excel

Get up and running quickly

Spreadsheet users can value vanilla instruments quickly and easily with FINCAD Analytics Suite for Excel. Avoid complicated installations and steep learning curves by working within a familiar excel environment and taking advantage of more than 200 pre-built workbooks and a long list of established functions which simplify your valuation process.

Coverage you can rely on

Representing one of the most comprehensive analytics libraries available today, FINCAD Analytics Suite for Excel gives you the cross-asset coverage you need to manage your derivatives and fixed income needs today and tomorrow. Built on more than 20 years of analytics experience you have access to all the major asset classes and industry proven models for maximum reliability and accuracy.

Transparency to verify your valuations every step of the way

With the increasing demands from regulators and stakeholders, transparency is no longer an option - it is now a critical component of your valuation process. You need to be able to verify and validate your valuations from start to finish.

FINCAD Analytics Suite for Excel gives you in-depth documentation making it easy to show all the math and function references, calculation methodology and formulas used as part of your valuations. Not only can you provide all the underlying information to the relevant groups, but all your results can be recreated using the detailed documentation if further verification is required.

Easy to use and quick to set up - see FINCAD Analytics Suite for Excel up close in this short demonstration.