F3 Clients

CITIC Securities

CITIC Securities Expands Derivatives Business with FINCAD's F3 Analytics

"We were operational in only a few months. This was instrumental in enabling us to get our new business off the ground as quickly as we had hoped."

Moscow Exchange

Moscow Exchange Augments Services with FINCAD Risk Management

"I knew that if we were to compete with the world’s top exchanges in the business of clearing and trading of OTC derivatives, we needed an analytics platform that was completely accurate and fully transparent."

National Bank of Greece

National Bank of Greece Uses FINCAD for Risk Analytics and CVA

"The risk management team sees FINCAD as an easy and powerful tool for benchmarking, pricing and other analytics of our financial products. We have been using the CDS bootstrapping functionality to calculate the implied probability of defaults for the CVA."

Big Four Audit Firm

Big Four Audit Firm Achieves Economies of Scale and Significantly Reduces Valuations Time Using F3

"After working with F3, I realized that I look at the term sheets of financial contracts very differently than I did before. Now when I look at a term sheet, I look at it through the lens of F3."

Aberdeen Asset Management

Aberdeen Asset Management Leverages F3's Flexible Architecture to Value Exotic Instruments

"What attracted us to F3 was the ability to model derivatives through a generic approach, this ensures that almost any swap type can be valued without the need to rely on providers to update the software for each new instrument."

Global Bank

Reduced Valuation Time with F3 Excel Edition

"F3 has had an important impact on our bank. Our capacity to work with exotic structures has increased and we're beginning to branch out through different areas in our organization."


F3 SDK Used to Extend Derivatives Functionality in SimCorp Dimension and Meet Ever-Growing Requirements for Advanced Pricing Capabilities

"FINCAD derivatives pricing expertise perfectly complements SimCorp Dimension, allowing us to offer our customers access to timely, accurate and proven pricing for credit and other more complex derivatives seamlessly from their existing SimCorp Dimension solutions."

Royal London Asset Management

Why Leading Fund Manager Royal London Asset Management Chose F3 Excel Edition

"We needed a uniform and accurate derivative valuation platform that could be used across the whole business. F3 Excel Edition met all of our needs, and was good value for the money."