Trials & Demos

FINCAD Product Demos

F3 Excel Edition

View a demonstration of F3's flexibility to value any trade or portfolio. Review the in-depth risk report and scenario analysis.


Learn why F3 SDK is the next generation financial analytics SDK.

F3 Toolbox for use with MATLAB®

Learn see how F3 can work for you.

FINCAD Analytics Suite for Excel

Take a tour of FINCAD Analytics Suite for Excel. For more information or a customized demonstration of the software, please contact a FINCAD Representative.

FINCAD Analytics Suite for Developers

Take a 5-minute tour of FINCAD Analytics Suite for Developers to view what FINCAD's solution has to offer!

Hedge Accounting Insight

See how Hedge Accounting Insight, our intuitive and cost-effective web solution for derivatives valuation and hedge accounting, helps you:

  • Reduce the risk of restating your financials
  • Eliminate your dependence on consultants
  • Meet auditor and regulatory requirements
  • Simplify your hedge accounting

Fair Value Insight

Take a tour of Fair Value Insight to see how it provides independent valuations

Being able to work with both foreign exchange and interest rates in the same software environment has reduced the learning curve it takes to value instruments. FINCAD Analytics works with just about everything we do.

Brian Moore Manager of Financial Markets,