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Hedge Effectiveness Testing Continues to Challenge Corporations

As corporations continue to use derivatives to hedge away their risk, taking advantage of the benefits associated with hedge accounting has become an essential means of controlling income statement volatility. However, while most corporations are conducting the necessary hedge effectiveness testing, it continues to remain a key challenge.

Corporate Survey Results on Derivatives Challenges

FINCAD Annual Corporate Survey 2011

With accurate risk assessment representing the top challenge for today's corporations, having the right information to assess your portfolio's risk is critical.

FINCAD has been helping organizations to comply with hedge accounting without the complexity, better understand their risk and have an accurate value of their trades and portfolio.

With FINCAD you can:

  • Simplify your hedge accounting
  • Automate your hedge effectiveness testing
  • Accurately value or price derivatives
  • Run scenarios on your portfolio
  • Measure counterparty exposure
  • Improve your visibility into your risk exposure

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