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DerivActiv Joins FINCAD Alliance Program

Vancouver, Canada & Minneapolis, USA – March 19th, 2013

FINCAD, the leading provider of OTC derivatives pricing and risk solutions, is pleased to announce that DerivActiv, a dedicated derivatives valuation, monitoring and reporting firm, has joined the FINCAD Alliance Program as a FINCAD Service Partner. This partnership will allow FINCAD's clients in Latin America to leverage DerivActiv's local expertise in providing valuation, hedge accounting, and consulting services around their use of FINCAD software.

DerivActiv's relationship with FINCAD is multi-fold - the services firm will use FINCAD Analytics internally for model validation as well as coding decisions. Additionally, in the Latin American market, DerivActiv will use FINCAD solutions to help finance professionals manage their derivatives risk and enable their clients to make better and more informed decisions.

According to Lewis Gade, Senior Vice President of Sales, DerivActiv, "When looking for a partner one cannot compromise on quality or character. We chose FINCAD as a partner because of the functionality of its products (including extensive pricing libraries), as well as its professional support staff. Combining the talents of our quantitative analysts, existing pricing systems, and FINCAD software, we are able to offer fully customizable solutions to our clients."

"As an emerging market, the Latin American market for derivatives is rapidly expanding and becoming increasingly complex, bringing with it the need for more sophisticated risk solutions. We are very pleased to have DerivActiv join the FINCAD Alliance Program," says Amar Budhiraja, Director, FINCAD Alliance Program. "DerivActiv's specialization in, and knowledge of the Latin American markets will greatly assist us in serving clients in this region."

About DerivActiv

DerivActiv delivers accurate valuation, reporting, and monitoring services for financial products with a focus on providing transparency for financial reporting and performance optimization. The DerivActiv team is committed to providing its clients with the best valuation and financial reporting services in the marketplace. DerivActiv provides ASC 815, ASC 820, GASB 53, IFRS 7, IAS 39, CICA 3865 and AASB 139 valuation, accounting and hedge accounting services to clients around the world. Its clients include accounting firms, law firms, private and public corporations, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, financial institutions, governmental entities, commercial real estate trusts, and hedge funds.

DerivActiv has invested in technology and systems with foresight to client needs. The system that DerivActiv has developed is a completely customized, full-scale pricing and trading platform capable of pricing most financial products in the marketplace and internet accessible to all subscribers.

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