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MARISK Selects F3 as its Derivatives and Risk Management Solution

Vancouver, Dublin, Abu Dhabi – February 21, 2012

FINCAD, the market leader for innovative derivatives solutions announced today that MARISK Consultants, an independent derivatives advisor, has selected F3 as its derivatives valuation and risk management solution. F3 provides MARISK with the flexibility and full transparency it needs to best advise clients.

Looking for a fully independent third party valuation solution, MARISK chose F3 because it has the flexibility to value exotic instruments from any asset class, including Islamic and hybrid derivatives. The fact that F3 is fully transparent also means MARISK can better help its clients make informed hedging, investment and savings decisions. F3's cutting-edge risk capabilities will enable MARISK to conduct efficient portfolio risk calculations resulting in transparency, better understanding of risks, improved pricing and transaction terms.

"Compared to other third party solutions in the market, F3 provides the best combination of flexibility, transparency, customer service, and value," says Dany Masri, Founder and Managing Director of MARISK Consultants. "Negotiating equitable hedge pricing for our clients is key to MARISK. F3 is providing us with proven industry standard analytics that are transparent, reliable, accurate, and robust."

Bob Park, CEO and President, FINCAD explains that, in designing F3, FINCAD's aim was to provide clients with a truly generic, flexible product that gives users complete freedom to value any type of instrument they require. "MARISK is a testament of our customer focused approach to product development – as we envisioned, organizations like MARISK are using F3 to accurately price customized, exotic derivatives."


MARISK is an independent derivative advisor that represents clients across MENA to navigate the complex process of entering, negotiating and unwinding derivative transactions to ensure the best outcome for the end-user. The process of executing a derivative transaction is a complex one, and very opaque for end-users. Based in Abu Dhabi, MARISK levels the playing field, creates transparency and reduces or eliminates banks' undisclosed fees. MARISK provides clients with the ability to effectively negotiate their interest rate, FX, commodity hedges and structured products transactions with their counterparties. MARISK brings greater transparency and deal experience to the process to help companies improve transactions' efficiency and pricing. MARISK's transaction fee is fully transparent, success based and consistent across clients. For details: www.mariskco.com


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